Friday, 2 November 2012

Wishful thinking allowed

I have a silly habit of writing whenever I am sick - which is right now. It is Friday and I am sick. This was not part of my plan. The younger version of me would sulk and hate life to its core. But the me-right-now just resigned to the fact that I am sick. The most annoying thing is that I plan to run tomorrow, which I may not be able to do if I don't recover overnight. Yes, recovering overnight does sound really crazy, and when you are sick, you would irrationally put faith in crazy things, otherwise known as miracles.

It is funny that I have to be sick like right now, when I am in the middle of training for JP and when I put extra effort into watching what I am eating. I cannot be healthier than I am right now, can I? My other half ate bread for dinner and I told him that it smelled so good. He said that's your body craving carbs. That is actually true because I have been continuously craving carbs since I've been running, and I am yet to give into my cravings (thus the continuity).

Then I asked this crazy question if it is possible that being sick right now is my body's way of rebelling against this "new normal". He said yes, it is possible. He is not a doctor (the kind that helps people) and he does not have a medical background whatsoever. He is just as crazy as me when it comes to irrelevant things such as this unexplainable sickness that is potentially wrecking my training plans.(This unexplainable sickness is otherwise known as the common cold. It is not the flu.)

This is annoying because I don't have time to waste. Ok, fine, in general, we all don't have time to waste. What I really meant was that I am working on a very strict deadline. I did not factor in being sick, for example. Because I have a goal to achieve. This goal is not even a goal to a lot of people, it is only a goal to me, okay, so it is important to me.

I am going to get some shut eye and hope that everything will magically be fine tomorrow.

PS. One more thing, whenever I read things like this, I remember that majority of people in this planet are twisted because they would almost always take things out of context. If I ever count how many times Xiaxue's material has been taken out of context, I would have been a millionaire by now. The fact that people like her blogs somewhat restores my faith in humanity (because she is smart and uses her brains). Maybe not all of us are f*cked up after all.

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