Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It was mostly a blur, then again, I was drunk

I drank too much champagne. Too much in the definition when it comes to champagne is one glass. I know. I am a cheap drunk. Then again, it was Moet. And, I am Asian, you know.

I don't feel like writing, but in the spirit of improvement, I am writing anyway. It is kind of like running. I never feel like running, but I schedule it and most importantly, I do it anyway, in the name of improvement and progress.

So. Here we are.

I spent a grand total of $23 today in the combination of sweeps and betting as a way of getting into the spirit of Melbourne cup. And despite knowing that past performance has got nothing to do with future performance, the analytical doctor in me developed amnesia and got too heavily involved with all the trends and analyses put out there by various investment bankers (or quant analysts as they call themselves these days). And let's just say that the outcome of my "investment" serves as a reminder as to why I do not gamble for the rest of the days in the year.

Aaannndd before you scream at me for wasting money this way - chill guys, $23 buys a meal with drinks in Sydney. Actually, it can buy more than that if you know where to go. It can buy some clothes, same deal, if you know where to look. Or a pair of shoes if you are lucky.

Because of the said champagne consumption, I am very sleepy right now. This is after I drank a cup of coffee. I know that I am going to feel this way post champagne, and I drink it anyway - why I do these things that are so destructive is completely beyond me. Is this why people continue gambling despite having no money? Is this why people continue doing drugs despite knowing that they are slowly killing themselves?

When I am at this state, I ask myself if I would continue drinking champagne (because that's what addiction is, yes?). The answer is to that is a resounding no, because I am too weak to reach out for my glass (but not too weak to type up this blog entry). My brain feels lazy, and I think I should stop writing before I end up regretting posting something I shouldn't have.

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