Friday, 22 March 2013

you're too skinny

(at the time of writing) i had just finished eating a big dinner that's ended with two big scoops of green tea ice cream and two deep fried spring-roll-like-mochi. i had a similar dinner a couple of nights ago and it was so good that i had to drag my boyf back to the same place just to have the dessert. in a perfect world, i get to eat dessert first. but this world is not perfect and i could not eat dessert first, so i settled with ... fried chicken (so predictable).

the reason i am telling you the above is more than just immortalising the fact that i consume fried chicken on a very regular basis. it is because i've had enough with people who keep telling me to eat more.

i cannot eat any more than i eat currently before throwing up. there, i said it. and yes, with the amount of running that i currently do, it does mean i am the shape of i am right now, and you know what, i don't fucking care. i feel healthy and i am very likely also healthy, in fact. after spending a lot of time being fat and enduring an endless amount of continuous criticisms along the lines of being fat, i must say it is somewhat rather nice to be on the other side of the equation. that said, i also learn that people will just say whatever they want because they can.

do you know that it is rude to tell people that they are too skinny? it is like coming up to fat people and then telling them "you are fat". i bet that you would not do that ever because you know it is rude. same deal for telling people that "you are too skinny". same deal for telling people "you need to eat more". would you come up to a fat person and tell them that they need to eat less?  you would not dream of doing that in a million years because you know that it is rude. same deal for telling skinny people to fatten up, or anything else along those lines. these things are not funny. they are rude and they are annoying.

i find it appalling that people automatically assume that i have some eating disorder just because i look the way i am. to make matters worse, i am not even that skinny. i am talking about skinny as in anorexic kind of skinny. do you know how offensive this is to the people who are suffering from the said disorder?

it is fucking annoying how two sets of standards apply to fat people versus skinny people. fat people get to complain legitimately about how it is rude that people call them fat to their faces, but the same action do not carry the same legitimacy when it is a skinny person who makes the statement. the statement of fact is this: you are fat. it is true, you know it, i know it, yet i can't say it to you because it is universally accepted that it is rude. the other statement of fact is this: i am skinny. you know it, i know it, yet you can't say it because even when it is not universally accepted that it is rude, it really is rude. 

i am going to end with this: i am NOT anorexic and i do NOT have bullimia. i will, however, throw up when you overfeed me. 

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