Saturday, 30 March 2013

That feeling

That particular feeling when you see someone you love. That feeling when you see them so happy being in love with their significant others. That feeling when you see people so happy being in love. That feeling when you witness the manifestation of this thing called love.

It is slightly different from the feeling that you get when you are in love. Witnessing someone being in love is a special experience. You get to see a different side of this person that you would otherwise not see: the softer, mellow side, the side that is peaceful, and happy, content and yet hungry at the same time. The smiles flow endlessly. The eyes shines brighter than usual. The hands are quick to grab each other.

Some of us got extremely lucky, we find a shoulder to lean on, someone to carry our shopping, someone to share our meals with, someone who peels and cuts fruits, prawns, crab and someone who cooks and cleans for us. And the presence of this person in our lives undeniably makes our lives better, and this is not just because of the acts of services that they do so selflessly for us, but more because they choose to do them for us out of love.

Given the opportunity to glimpse into this is human connection at one of its best forms. You may not be able to articulate what love is, but you know it when you see it. And when you see it, you can’t help but feel… love.

As you can tell, I am in love. This weekend, I have been spending time with friends who are in love, and I find that a very warming experience. It is as if all the things that had happened in the past, our questions, our worries, our frustrations - suddenly do not matter quite so much. Because everything is as they should be. Things happen for a reason and that reason is a damn good reason. 

If this is not happiness, then I don't know what is. x

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