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1. Of, affecting, or being on or near the surface
2. Concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; shallow.
3. Apparent rather than actual or substantial
4. Trivial; insignificant

(thanks to freedictionary)

Why I am superficial

1. I love fashion and I spend too much time thinking about what I wear, what I don't wear and what I would not be seen dead wearing.
2. True story: we were in Melbourne and I was talking about something which I can't even remember, and then we walked into the mall and saw these gorgeous babies and I stopped talking and walking. And right at that moment, I understand the meaning of the phrase breath-taking.
3. I spend far too much time looking at fashion blogs, browsing,,,,,, adding a lot of things into my virtual shopping basket and then closing the browser just before I enter my credit card details.
4. I gravitate my gaze towards good looking people on the street, you know, those who dress well and are well-groomed, and I turn my head a little bit too long and have been in situations whereby I nearly hit a pole or trip on a hole on the street. When I happen to know these people, I tell them that they look great and I like it. Hey, beautiful things are meant to be appreciated, okay.
5. If I could, I would run in high heels. But I can't and as it is, I wear my running shoes almost every day and of course, I bought more runners. I like to look cute, even when I am hot and sweaty.
6. I would suffer for fashion. Maybe not so much physically, but more like, financially.
7. I ask my boyf if I can buy shoes and he knows me too well to say anything else other than yes. I buy shoes not so much to wear then but to look at them occasionally, and mostly to stop thinking about them and move on with my life.
8. I buy fashion books and spend too much time reading them. After I read these books, I always have the urge to declutter and re-organise my closet, to make them look visually more appealing.   
9. I bond with people over fashion. We discuss where to buy clothes, what to wear, what works, what doesn't and of course, shoes. Oh my gawd, shoes. Yeah, I thought you would've figured that out by now.
10. My friends and acquaintances are all gorgeous people. As I have always said, beautiful people hang out together.

See you at Bar Pho later?

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