Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Quick update

1. Running out of time to do all the things I want to do, again. I feel so lame writing this.
2. Because of (1), I don't get to see all the people I want to see. I feel even more lame writing this.
3. My only consolation when it comes to my busy schedule is that I have enough time to buy and eat fried chicken. I've been told by le boyf that he thinks my diet consists of fried food in excess. I agree. I just can't let go of eating fried chicken. I convince myself that I only have a limited period of time whereby I can do this without serious immediate consequences. But I do feel somewhat guilty because I am clogging my arteries.
4. Woke up this morning with intention to run 0 kms. Don't exactly know what happened, but ended up running 6.2kms. Felt very accomplished afterwards.
5. Toyed for about 30 seconds, with the idea of running the City2Surf, again. I told myself that if the gap between distance actually ran and distance intended to run is like 6.2kms, then technically, I can just go in with the intention of running 8kms and may actually end up running 14kms.
6. So many great people in my life were born in April, which pretty much made sure that I am so looking forward to pay day. I've never felt more excited about pay day than I am these days. What? Money is meant to be spent, okay.
7. Ran out of milk and eggs this morning. One of my worst nightmares because right now, I am famished from the run, oh well, a great excuse to buy bacon and eggs with my coffee. Yes, I know, my arteries!!
8. Don't know whether I like Naruone or whether I hate Naruone. Their fried chicken is definitely one of the best I've ever tried so far, but that place is a friggin' rip off and the wait staff are uniformly rude with non-existent English language abilities. I have never come into a worse Korean restaurant.
9. Running out of time writing this post, so it has to abruptly end here. Happy mid-week!

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