Thursday, 18 April 2013

Charming scientists and the day I discover I have holes in my stockings

Right. So the New Zealand MP managed to catch my attention by saying this line:

"We are allowing two people who love each other to have that recognised, and I cannot see what is wrong with that for neither love nor money."

Scientists can be so charming, I tell you. Then again, I've always had a thing for smart men.

Lately I've been thinking quite a lot about the things that we do for money. What is it that we would forsake in the name of money? This morning, I found out that my stockings had holes in them. And to be frank, I am not sure if it was because I was rushing this morning that caused them, or whether I sub-consciously wore stockings with holes, but given I was pressed on time, I just thought oh well, I am going to have one more wear out of them and then I will chuck them at the end of the day. And I am going to spend the day wishing that the holes do not get any bigger than they already are. Except that of course, I discovered new holes as soon as I got to the office (argh).

I told my boyf that I got holes in my stockings. He said, I hate having holes in my socks. They make me feel poor. That caught me speechless. Because I never thought about being poor that way. But then again, it's got a lot of elements of truth it in: (1) you are too poor to buy new socks/stockings and (2) you are too poor to mend them (both monetary and time wise). So, one can't help but to feel poor.

Sometimes there are like "themes" in your life because certain topics just pop up somewhat rather randomly, but in the grand scheme of things that is like, your life, they actually make sense and if you look carefully, they might even tell you something. I get that holes in my stockings are probably first world problems than anything else, but really, seriously, I am not inclined to solve the world's poverty or even going as far as thinking about educating the world when I am struggling as it is with doing all the things that I want to do.

I mean, is it wrong if you want to do things because of money? Particularly because we need money to survive in this life? Like to pay rent or mortgage and to pay for food and everything else? Do we not need money to be self-reliant? I mean, sure, we can rely on the generousity of others and believe in abundance and bla bla bla, but everytime someone is being generous towards us, that person has to do something to earn that money so that he/she can help us. Let's not forget that if we are not working to our maximum abilities, then we are really putting the burden onto someone else. I guess I am somewhat idealistic in this view - yet, I think, it is also true because my tax contributions get distributed towards the less fortunate members of our society, so that would be my good deeds for the year, thankyouverymuch.

I am tempted to use that justification for doing things because of money, but I think to attribute work solely towards the attainment of monetary gains is rather shallow for my likings. It is like there are things that I do that are not exactly generating positive NPV right now, and to a stranger it is weird and a waste of time. But I can't quite deny that the benefits that I do get are far beyond monetary gains. That said, if I get to do all of these with some form of positive NPV, that would be like icing on the cake, that much closer to perfection. It would just make it that much better. Simply because it takes away the resentment of being tired with hardly any monetary gains. This is why I don't really do manual labour.

Yes, there are a lot of things that we do in this life in the name of money and there are also a lot of things that we do in this life in the name of anything else other than money - like for example, love, or, as I discovered some years back when I first watched Troy, women. It's like, whoa, you would get into war in the name of love for a woman. It is really shit if you actually die in the war because you can't exactly love her when you're dead. This is not about me being cynical when it comes to love, but it is so impractical, no? Not to mention a waste of resources? Why is that in all these wars, no one bothered to ask the woman in question, who is it that you'd like to be with? And the loser should just well, let go.

Ah, letting go. That's another topic, another time.

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