Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happy sunday

hi guys!

it occurred to me yesterday, as i was writing another post, that i never thank you for (1) visiting this blog and (2) reading the stuff that i write here. so here we are: thank you for visiting and thank you for reading. i do hope that you like what you read and would visit every so now and then. and yes, this is me, writing! some of you have said so many nice things about my writing that makes me blush (ahem). thank you so so much for all the compliments. that means a lot to me. (teary eyes)

this side of me, the writing side of me, comes as a surprise to some many of you. i am not sure why that's the case. maybe that's because i don't really talk about it to a lot of people. it is not about me not wanting people to know about this blog, the more people that know, the better! it is because, oh well, in my life, a lot of things happen and so it just so happens that there are a lot of things that i talk about and since there's a daily limit to my interactions, some things take precedence over others.

i have been blogging on and off for years now. blogging was a side-effect of my doctorate years whereby i locked myself for hours on end in an attempt to persist with writing my dissertation. isolation brings with it a certain kind of ... procrastination, my mind often wandered off thinking about anything else other than the dissertation, so i started writing all of these waves of random ideas and that's how the first blog started. then there's the phase of writing in Indonesian so that i could at least not lose my language skills, a battle that i have not put on hold for a long time, much to my Dad's annoyance (sorry Dad!).

these days, the blog becomes an outlet for practising writing. this is apparently important to develop one's writing skills. i think it is unnecessary to say that i sort of like writing. kind of similar in the way that i like drawing  except that i write way more than i draw. i kind of like shoes slightly more than writing, in fact, i think i spend way too much time figuring out which shoes i'd like to buy next. conversations with my boyf go like this:

me: can i buy these shoes? (showing something on screen)
him: (look at screen) those are nice. get them.
me: u sure?
him: i will buy a new shoe rack.

i kid you not. this is one of the endless reasons as to why i keep falling in love with this man over and over again.

and just as a general rule, if we happen to be conversing in real life, and i feel like that conversation will make a great blogging topic, i am going to say something along these lines: can i write about this? this is a cue for you to either say yes, you can or no, i prefer to keep this conversation private.

anyway, from where i am sitting, the sun is out, finally!! woo hoo! i am going to get out of the house!

have a great Sunday! x

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