Wednesday, 2 January 2013

On new year resolutions

I am not the type who makes new year resolutions because I always promptly forget about them the next moment after I made them. It is not that I don't believe in their effectiveness, because coupled with will power and persistence, these things can be pretty nifty in changing your lives, but it is just that quite frankly, the turn of the new year is just another excuse to party which I haven't taken up in the past few years because I just could not be bothered.

There is all this talk along the lines of whatever you do today is going to affect the rest of your life bla bla blah and it is just, like, what? So if you happen to have a shitty day today then your year is doomed to be shitty. NOT! I get that we all want to be happy, but why force ourselves to be happy all the time? Let's face it, we can't be happy all the time, we can be happy most of the time. If the first day of the new year turns out to be not so great, it is fine, it is just ONE day out of the 365 or 366 days, it does not mean anything else other than the fact that you did not have a good day.

But what you did about not having a good day - that's what matters.

Ah the things that we were told when we were growing up. Some call it terrible parenting, while I just refer to it as... the best that they can do given the circumstances. I mean, really, the last thing I can do is to criticise my own parents in terms of their parenting, and GOD knows, they are probably disappointed at some level given how differently their children turned out from what they have envisioned. However, this is not something anyone should be apologising for - really, why apologise for being yourself and living your life? If anything, apologise for not being yourself and not living your life, and start living your life on the terms that you are comfortable with.

And ensure that your new years resolutions are in line with that.  

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