Tuesday, 1 October 2013

If you love me, then cut me some fruits

I openly struggle with this thing called cutting fruits. Yes, I know that some of you are rolling your eyes right now. As I said before, in the spirit of sharing personal stuff, I have decided to share a personal challenge that I face every time I want to eat an apple, or an orange, or err... durian?

(I have braces so I have to have my apples cut up into bite pieces. And that goes for every other fruit that's not bite pieces except for bananas. I cannot finish a whole banana so I need someone to share it with me.)

All my life, I always have someone to cut fruits for me. And these days, to bake me cakes I can actually eat. (This is technically not true because I can buy gluten free cakes that's also coconut free. But a lot of gluten free cakes, for some weird reason, often contains coconut! Shock horror! Coconut is like, all the rage these days. Coconut water is like everywhere and everything has a dash of coconut oil.)

Or to bring a jar of chilli to my desk on Monday morning, half of which I promptly consumed in a day. It's kind of hard to control yourself when you're eating something that's like that good.Plus in my defense, the jar is on the small side,  you know. So, I totally do not have self-control issues when it comes to this. Boyf thinks I am addicted. This is a statement that I gladly go along with.

Yeah, I digress.

Back to fruits. When it comes to cutting fruits, I quite frankly see it as a fruitless activity. This is quite possibly because I do not like a lot of fruits out there (and this has nothing to do with their levels of sugar content). I ate fruits when someone cuts them for me, but I never quite been bothered to peel/cut fruits myself because quite simply, I do not like fruits that much in the first place. And no matter how much watermelon I had consumed in the past, it has no bearing whatsoever with my true feelings towards that fruit: waste of time, waste of space, and no, I would not exert that much effort to purchase, peel and cut it up for my own consumption (let alone yours). The same sentiment goes for rock melon, honey dew and whatever melons out there, except maybe, winter melon, but that's technically a fruit that one cooks? So maybe it's on a different category?   

I avoid cutting fruits as much as I possibly can. Unless if I have this crazy yearning for a piece of fruit that's within my reach and I have no other choice but to peel, cut it and then consume it, which doesn't happen very often. Because I always have someone to do so for me. In fact, my best friend often comes over and hang out at my place and cut fruits up for me us to snack on. One huge bowl of fruits. And she also cuts up all the vege to make an equally massive bowl of salad.

I always thank God and my lucky stars for the undeniable fact that I am lucky. Lucky as in very very lucky. I quite frankly don't know all the good deeds that I've done in my previous life that have resulted in such joyful life for me today, particularly when someone is cutting fruits for me.

I swear it's the simplest things that make life so enjoyable. 

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