Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Accentuating the positives

Instagram is fast becoming a verb in my vocabulary.

In using that word as a verb, I run the risk of offending people that I use that word upon, i.e. "can I instagram you?"

Most people who are of my generation (I am a Gen-Y, by the way) would say ok and its variants. Most people who are older would say no and its variants. That's ok, I get it, some people just do not like to be a part of my instagram account.

I instagram because there are moments that I would like to remember. As I get older, I realise that quite a lot of things are becoming fuzzy memories. I am not sure if it's a function of my brain capabilities (God forbid, at this age?). I sure hope not.

Some moments are meant to be remembered and therefore instagramed. These moments come in the form of your smile when you see me (my personal favourite), or the funny faces that you make (I got away with this once, and I did not ask for permission, I am yet to withstand the wrath of that person).

But since you said no, I have to resort to something else, like say, the coffee that we are about to drink, the dessert that we are about to gorge, or the food that you just cook. I am not showing off, believe me, I am just sharing some good moments.

Instagram is full of good moments, which is why I like it. Facebook on the other hand, well, it's sort of full of rants. Twitter is full of random useful facts, which makes it infinitely more interesting than the other two.

But out of the three, Instagram is the only one that promotes good feelings. I think it's because the filters make everything look better than it actually is.

At least the illusion is believeable. Afterall, life is as you see it.

I see mine through Instagram, sometimes.

Oh, in case you want to know, my account is @drbelleb

(The link requires you to login to your Instagram account.)

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