Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Why I buy shoes

I love shoes. I have a tendency of buying the ones I like, which means I have amassed quite a collection. I have purged the ones that are falling apart, i.e. holes in soles. But for the most part, I have kept quite a lot of the shoes that I bought.

I know that this is borderline, if not already, excessively excessive. I don't even have an explanation except for the fact that I.love.them. Give me shoes any day, baby! Or just like what we did the other day, sat down and looked at a shoe catalogue. (It was the Nude catalogue and they are available through The Iconic). 

I was side tracked. I clicked on The Iconic and saw the additional 20% off already discounted items, with minimum spend of $80. I was this close to buying 3 pairs of shoes. I obviously did not go through with the purchase, but that gives you an idea as to how cheap some shoes can be.

Anyway, where was I? 

The whole point of this piece is actually to tell you a conversation I had yesterday evening. It went like this:

Me: would you be angry if I buy another pair of shoes?
Him: no
Me: okay
Him: buy them
Me: okay
Him: I will buy a new shoe rack

I kid you not. That was what my other half said. Boyfriends/husbands take note!

Why I buy shoes
Asked this question without any reference to any particular pair of shoes, my answer is that it is an extension of satisfying my desires in life. Yes, I am aware that it does come across as extremely shallow and superficial that one of my desires in this life is to acquire a collection of shoes that I love. There is no further explanation other than this is a hobby that is ok, very consumerist and also takes up a lot of space, not to mention somewhat painful for the bank account for someone like me. 

In falling in love with a particular pair, a necessary condition before purchasing the said pair, it is usually the design that caught my eyes. Somewhat rather unfortunately, these shoes have a tendency to be the ones that are most impractical, that is, they are the ones that I buy only to look, not so much to wear. I know, I know. This is all so ... wrong that there is no word to accurately describe it. 

I have not counted the number of pairs that I have currently. I am a bit too scared to find out, to be completely honest with you. In a way, as soon as I find out, I think I am going to be so shocked that it might actually stop my from buying new shoes, which sounds like a good idea at the moment. So maybe, I will do this at some point. Stay tuned!

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