Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Last night we had the good fortune of hanging out with our close friends. These people we’ve been friends with like forever and can pretty much handle the crazy side of me. 

Somehow the conversation launched into “how to do the laundry” which then touched on the best washing machine and the best brand for household appliances. I kid you not. We are getting old(er).

And naturally, the discussion permeates into who does the ironing.

There were 3 girls and 3 boys in the discussion. Out of these 6 people, 2 boys do the ironing of their own shirts. One out of these 2 boys occasionally does the ironing for his significant other. One out of the 3 girls irons for her significant other, because her significant other asks her for it. To which the other two girls who do not iron say "NOOOOO, don't do it" and to that we got a reply along the lines of "you are corrupting her" from her significant other.

While I am not at liberty disclosing any further detail than the above, what I can disclose is well, things about myself. (Side note, to all of you people who say that this blog is all about me, and in the process infer that I am self-absorbed; you really need to realise the context of your comments. Of course this blog is about me, because it is like the only thing that I can disclose in as much detail as I want to.) I am not going to lie, I hardly do any. It is like seriously, one of the things that deter me from purchasing a certain clothing item is how often I have to iron it. This is one of the most annoying dilemma that I have because 100% cotton items are like awesome, but they are so high maintenance. I figure that in my life time I can only take care of one high maintenance thing (i.e. myself), so my clothes can’t be that high maintenance.

I guess I also got lucky that my boyf does not and has not asked me to iron yet.

So, do I know how to iron?

Answer is not really. I guess if I really have to, then I know that I will work it out and do a decent job (hopefully). It will take a long time though, so if it’s something that has to be done in a rush, I would just pick a different outfit. 

I really do have quite an aversion to ironing. 

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