Sunday, 23 December 2012

Make (me) Up

I can't help wondering whether men feels somewhat rather cheated when they see their women without make up for the first time. Would you consider wearing make up as false advertising?

Just like any form of advertising, women spend a lot of money on make up, like $7billion dollars a year. And like often in the case of advertising, the product is made to look better than it actually is: more glamorous, more appealing, more attractive. Advertisers must be one of the most optimistically delusional people in this planet. When there is that much money involved, I guess this sort of trait is commonly learnt. 

A lot of men that I have come across in life have expressed in one way or another that they prefer to natural look. Most of them have an aversion to women with too much make up. However they are somewhat indifferent to women with natural make up. So we women spend so much money and time to look natural. Why don't we just bypass the make up altogether? 

I don't know the answer to that. But there are some answers here.

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