Friday, 28 December 2012

Ah holidays

Sometimes I question the point of holidays, especially on the days whereby I have lost absolutely all sense of rhythm that I worked so hard to establish previously. It is like I almost always promptly got sick every time the holidays are here because my body goes all weird and says: "Oh hi! So you are taking a break, great, me too! I am going to get sick!" with no regard whatsoever to the fact that I do not want to get sick during my holidays. This pattern happens, and then I wonder how anyone in this planet not become a workaholic, especially if they claim to be so fucking passionate of the work that they do (the kind that makes them extremely annoyed if they have to go to bed). The same kind of people who do not want to have a holiday because that means taking them away from their passion, so they just conveniently take their passion with them on their so-called holidays. I wonder if that still qualifies as a holiday if one is still working?

Is it just me so is it actually harder to do certain things during the holidays? Like it is harder, for example, to wake up early and it is harder to go to the gym, and to stay on one's training program (not that I have one). Plus the endless temptation to eat all of these things because now you have all the time in the world to find wherever these things are located. And yeah, dim sum tastes a million times better when you are eating it in a massive table with your friends. The days do go faster when your best friend spends the whole day with you and tells you that you are a great cook. And yeah, it's kinda hard to fit everyone in because there is like so many things you gotta do with so many people you haven't seen for ages and it's like okay, I really don't know how to do this, and given that my time is limited, I said that one syllable word that starts with n and ends with an o and hope that no one gets accidentally offended by that.

Chance is that, if they really are my friend, then they will understand - as is always the case of things like this in life. And because of that, you are more likely to make time for these understanding people and dare I not say that this is how we become friends in the first place. As for others, oh well, life goes on and the world still spins, the sun still rises in the east and when we get the chance, we may see each other again.

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