Thursday, 9 April 2015

the necessarily messy complexities

I yearn for a simpler life. Approximately ten years ago, I caught myself saying this out loud out of frustration, and today, I catch myself doing exactly the same thing. Sometimes I think not much has changed, especially in the desire for a simple life department. But I’ll say this, there were short periods in my life whereby it all seemed relatively simpler, and I treasure those moments. Yes, those were the moments whereby I felt that my life was simple, boring and undramatic – exactly how I wanted it, and how I still want it today.

I have resigned to the fact that life is hard, and every so now and then, I get a violent reminder of how hard it can actually be; the kind that shook you at your core. Just to give you a few examples, these are along the lines of: that sometimes, despite your best efforts, you still get hurt; that terrible things happen to people who definitely do not deserve them. Why are the most patient girlfriends often the ones who have to put up with perpetually absent, workaholic boyfriends? Because these women are probably the ones who are in the best position to love these obliviously self-absorbed men. Why are the financially astute still can’t by-passed money-related issues in their lives? Why are people who have been seemingly faithful end up being caught in one of the greatest lies of all, and still blatantly deny it?

And who can explain these mysteries in life, other than the mere fact that sometimes, bad things do not discriminate, they too can happen to good people, to people who have been diligently following the rules, people who do not deviate from doing good things. This is where we all went wrong, because, well, while karma can be such a bitch, unfortunately, doing good does not repel bad things from happening to you. Not even the power of your mind can save you. Because fate. Lame. But true.

(and this is why broken people shouldn't attempt writing)

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